Engineering Advanced Polymers

In our lab we combine the knowledge in the fields of synthetic and polymer chemistry to develop new materials primarily for medical application.

Our research focuses on the development of different systems of biomaterials. These involve photopolymers, thermoplasts as well as polymeric interfaces. All projects build on a cooperation with academic as well as industrial partners. The class of photopolymers comprises very soft (hydrogels) to hard materials (highly filled composites) being processed by different additive manufacturing techniques with a focus on stereolithography. We design and synthesize smart elastomers with tailor-made mechanical properties and biodegradability for the application as, e.g., electrospun meshes for soft tissue substitutes like blood vessels. Furthermore, highlighting the importance of the interface of biomaterials and living tissue/cells, we are enganged to create surfaces on demand by equipping them with polymers (or general precursors) giving them specific physicochemical properties (e.g. wettability). Besides approaches concerning biomaterials our research interest also lies in the development of sustainable materials as precursor for photopolymer based 3D printing applications.

We are part of the Polymer Chemistry and Technology group of the Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry at TU Wien and member of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration.

baudisLAB • Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry • Getreidemarkt 9/163, 1060 Vienna, Austria